UX Case Study

Breakone9 is a personalized news aggregator and social network where you can follow and get all the news you are interested in and join conversations about hot local, breaking and national topics with full freedom to express their opinions without limits or borders.

UI | UX | Branding | Website | App


We started with identifying and understanding the brand language, their style and the message they want to communicate to the end user. Based on which we come up with the look and feel of the app.


the design to life

Wireframes are the skeleton of any project we dedicate enough time and effort to understand and refine the wireframes provided by the client to best suite the needs of the end user.

Once they are finalised we work on the design system and bring life to the wireframes by creating intuitive, user friendly interfaces.




Responsive Design

A responsive design experience that easily adapts to devices of different resolution.

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