UIUX Design Firm Ensuring Seamless Website Migration

Planning a website migration? It can be a challenging task, but with Contagion, it becomes a smooth and seamless process. We specialize in website migration services, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum performance for your site. Our experienced team navigates the complexities, providing meticulous planning and execution. From data transfer to URL structure, we ensure every element is accurately transferred.

Contagion for a website migration that goes beyond data transfer – we optimize for improved functionality, user experience, and search engine performance on the new platform. Trust us to make your website transition seamless and optimized for growth.

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PROCESS FOR Website Migration

PROCESS FOR Website Migration
typically includes the following steps:


We start by conducting a thorough assessment of your current website and mapping out the migration plan, including timelines, resources, and potential risks.


We transfer your website’s files, databases, and other assets to the new platform or hosting provider, ensuring that everything is securely migrated and preserved.


We rigorously test the migrated website to ensure that all functionalities are working correctly and that there are no issues or errors.


We optimize the migrated website for search engines, ensuring that your rankings and traffic are not negatively impacted by the migration.


With your approval, we launch the migrated website, monitoring its performance closely and providing support during the transition period.


After the migration is complete, we provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your website continues to perform optimally.

Contact us for smooth website migration, minimizing disruptions. Rely on our expertise for seamless transitions while you focus on core activities.

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Clients Testimonials

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We really like the stuff you created – with each theme having a unique look and feel while communicating a common branding. Your team was creative with colors and shapes to develop visually pleasing templates. It is nice to work with a team like yours that’s responsive to our questions and feedback. Thanks for working with us.
– Solomon Antony
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Thanks very much, Qquench, for your professionalism, creativity, and timeliness. We are very pleased with the outcome.
Sue Mazingo
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We had started working on this project in the month of Feb and it has taken around 3.5 months to close this project which entailed multiple reviews and feedback from our side. Thanks for being patient and incorporating changes without any resistance.

I also was aware that during this time some of your team members were impacted due to Covid and you were also struggling to find a talent for the completion of voice over. Considering all these challenges, even then our deliverables did not get impacted.
Vinay Sharma

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